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Lili Alaska is an Australian singer, songwriter and producer.


Lili Alaska was born in the French Alps in 2004. She grew up in New Zealand and Australia before moving to Colorado, USA in 2014 where she attended her first open mic at 10 years old. The local Americana scene became a source of inspiration and developed her influences alongside indie, alternative, dream pop, rock, and folk music. Since then, she has been part of many musical productions and high school rock bands.


From 2016, she spent a year on the road between New York City and Alaska with her nomadic family and traveled to Nashville and fell in love with the music culture of the iconic city. In 2017, she moved back to Australia.


Currently based in Sydney, Lili Alaska is performing on local stages and produces her own records. Her first single 'Wasteland' was released on May 25th, 2020, and her first EP 'Little Devil' on June 26th, 2020 at just 15 years old. They both received a great reception and are air played, including FBI2SERQuiet Fire, RTRFM, 3RRR, and many other well-loved community radios.

In August 2020, Lili Alaska was selected by the Australian Independent Record Labels Association for the 2020 Women in Music.

Her single 'Leaving the Mind Behind' came out on September 29, 2020, and was featured single of the week by AIR.

Lili Alaska released 'L'amour par la fenêtre' on January 8th 2021, an electro-pop-rock ode to Love adapted from French poet Arthur Rimbaud's 'Phrases' from 'Illuminations'.

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