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Founded seven years ago in Paris, La Nuit des Idées - The Night of Ideas - has grown into a worldwide global event celebrating arts, culture, science, and philosophy, around a common theme, a common day, and held simultaneously in 100 countries. 


Now in its third year in Australia, the 2022 theme "(Re)building together" will feature a vibrant, cross-cultural conversation about the arts, the environment, democracy, and much more!  


A philosopher, an architect, a CNRS research scientist, journalists, musicians, ... will join our line up to create a wonderful night of discussions, debates, songs and performances.

The evening will be presented and moderated by Amanda Collinge (from ABC TV’s Q&A program) directly from the rooftop of the Powerhouse Museum.

Each speaker and performer will be sharing their unique perspective on what "(Re)building together" means to them. They’ll also explore how to move forward together after the global pandemic and ask: 

  • How to become more aware of our environment when new technologies and urbanisation are growing everywhere?

  • How to introspect and prepare for the future in times of doubt?

  • Can the reconnection to our basic needs and feelings, through arts and gastronomy, heal the wounds of our societies?

 Due to Covid restrictions, places are strictly limited. Reserve your tickets early.

Tickets include the conferences, access to the museum exhibitions, and a French wine tasting.

This event will be broadcasted on Facebook live.


The Venue

Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris Street

Ultimo NSW 2007

Part of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS), the Powerhouse Museum is a contemporary museum in the heart of Sydney, with a focus on arts, science, innovation and design.


NIGHT OF IDEAS 2022 - (Re)building together


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Ariel Salleh is a sociologist of knowledge with a special interest in political ecology. Both a well-known professor (Fellow of the Global University for Sustainability in Hong Kong, Honorary Associate in Political Economy at the University of Sydney, ...) and a longtime activist interested in indigenous, feminist, and ecological movements, she is a founding editor of Capitalism Nature Socialism.


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Philosopher and historian

The prominent philosopher and historian, and prolific author Marcel Gauchet was until 2021 director of Le Débat, an influential journal examining current societal debates. Through a very considerable body of academic works but also his role as a public intellectual, he secured his profile as a major analyst of modern democratic societies, with a multidisciplinary perspective on liberal individualistic culture, the "disenchantment of the world", and educational matters.

In Le Nouveau Monde (2017), he calls for a new understanding of rationality and science capable of reinventing liberal democracy.

Philosopher and historian


Architect from the AUC Collective

AUC is a trio of architects and urbanists from Paris, recently awarded by "le Grand Prix National d'Urbanism 2021" for their counter-current posture with regards to architectural and urban issues. They recombine the categories and disciplines to think and build, based on values of contrasts, difference, hybridity, ...


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Architect and urbanist



Journalist and author

Elizabeth Farrelly.jpg

Journalist and author

A Sydney-based author, critic, columnist, a director of the National Trust (NSW), and an internationally awarded architecture critic, Elizabeth Farrelly is a high-profile critic of the destructive effets of neo-liberal policies on Australian cities. She published several books, including a children's novel.


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Research scientist

Research scientist at the CNRS

Christophe Lavelle is an expert in biophysics, epigenetics, and food science. He teaches in many universities and professional schools including the Sorbonne University, and he is responsible for the scientific training of cooking teachers at the national level. He is the author of more than 50 research papers and 15 books on food, and a member of several scientific and food societies.

Author and photograph

A Franco-Chilean author and photographer, he survived the 13 November terrorist attack in Paris. In 2020, he published Un jour dans notre vie, a book after his traumatic experience and his life afterwards. He also holds a blog for the major press media France info covering the trial of the November 13th attack.


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Author and photographer


Amanda is the Series Producer of Q&A, helping shape it into what is now regarded as one of television’s most successful experiments in public democracy.


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